Calibration & Testing Services

Calibration & Testing Services

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Petrocap aimed to provide swift solution covering a wide range of services to help client measuring to be accurate and correct every time. Our overall aim is to solve your instrumentation requirements quickly, effectively at a competitive price, so you can continue whatever you do in the knowledge and security of a job well done!

Petrocap’  calibration service complain with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 (equivalent to the relevant requirements of ISO 9000) and ANSI/NCSL Z540-1.

Calibrations can be performed to the following ASTM and ISO specifications:

ASTM E4, E83, E10, E18, E23, E384, D256, D648, D747, D1238, D1525, D6110, E2624, E2309, E1012, E2658

ISO 75, ISO 179, 180, 306, 1133-1, 9513, 7500-1, 7500-2

List of calibration services provided by Petrocap:


Petrocap  serve customers in nearly all industries, and at competitive prices ,

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