GMRTP: Graduate Maintenance and Reliability programme

GMRTP: Graduate Maintenance and Reliability programme

This Program consists of 5 modules:

GMRTP Module 1 :  Business and Management

GMRTP Module 2 :  Manufacturing Process Reliability

GMRTP Module 3 :  Equipment Reliability

GMRTP Module 4 :  Organization & Leadership

GMRTP Module 5 :  Work Management

interactive training course aimed to give trainees an overview of the fundamental pillars of Reliability and Maintenance, as defined by the Society of Maintenance and Reliability Professionals. Separately from the course, an examination for the SMRP certification of Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional test will be organized right after the conclusion of the course.

  • Create Strategic direction and plan for M&R operations
  • Administer Strategic plan
  • Measure Performance
  • Manage organizational plan
  • Communicate with stakeholders
  • Manage environmental-health-safety risk
  • Understand the applicable processes
  • Apply process improvement techniques
  • Manage effects of change to processes and equipment
  • Maintain processes per applicable standards and regulations
  • Determine equipment reliability expectations
  • Evaluate equipment reliability and identify improvement opportunities
  • Establish a strategic plan to assure reliability of existing equipment
  • Establish a strategic plan to assure reliability of new equipment
  • Cost-justify selected plans for implementation
  • Determine organizational requirements
  • Analyze organizational capability
  • Develop the organization structure
  • Develop personnel
  • Lead and manage people
  • Identify, validate, and approve work
  • Prioritize work
  • Plan work
  • Schedule work
  • Execute work
  • Document work
  • Analyze work and follow-up
  • Measure work management performance
  • Plan and execute projects
  • Use information technologies effectively
  • Manage resources and materials

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