GITBATP: Graduate IT Business Analyst Programme

GITBATP: Graduate IT Business Analyst Programme

This Programme consists of 11 Courses :


SDM: Software Development Methodologies

PSDM: Problem Solving and Decision Making

RGD: Requirements Gathering and Documentation

RAA: Requirements Analysis and Assessment

BPM: Business Process Management

MBP: Mapping Business Processes

MBD: Modeling Business Data

SEA: Strategic Enterprise Analysis

UMOC: Understanding management OF  Change

ICE: Interpersonal Communicating Effectively

Today’s high power organizations need highly skilled business analysts to help guide their organizations to success in the most efficient, user-friendly way possible.

PETROCAP offers this exciting program to build your skills in business analytics. From the software development lifecycle, project management, requirements gathering and analysis, to change management and strategic enterprise analysis

Course Description

This software development methodologies course compares and contrasts the traditional Waterfall, plan-driven approach, to the more adaptive Agile value-driven, change-driven methodology towards a Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). You will see that one way does not fit all, while learning how to adjust and adapt to each new project

Course Description

Each day we must make a multitude of decisions to solve problems, handle crises and take advantage of opportunities.

In this problem solving and decision making course, you'll examine the influences on decisions, apply ethics to decision making and learn to use various techniques and processes for individual and group decision making. As you explore workplace problem solving, you'll learn to recognize barriers in effective decision making and actions that support effective decisions

Course Description

Requirements analysis is critical to the success of systems and software projects. In this requirements gathering and documentation course you'll gain valuable insight in planning for and gathering stakeholder requirements based on the business need. You will learn various techniques to capture requirements and then how break them down into smaller, manageable units. You will also learn how to document and manage your requirements

Course Description

The requirements analysis and assessment course presents a practical hands-on view of how to organize and manage your project requirements to ensure your solution is valid.

You'll learn how to prioritize and estimate your requirements while organizing them in a value-driven way and how to validate that your overall solution meets the stated business needs

Course Description

This business process management workshop addresses the need for today's organizations to remain competitive, efficient and effective at realizing corporate and customer goals and objectives.

Learn the foundational skills required to understand the many facets of process excellence while gaining tools and techniques that can be applied immediately in the workplace. You'll learn what true process optimization entails, including discussions around process modelling and analysis, process improvement and process monitoring and control. Current best practices, such as Six Sigma and Lean, will also be reviewed

Course Description

Gain a concise, pragmatic understanding of how your business functions through diagrams and maps.

In this mapping business processes course, you'll discover the various types of diagrams and maps available, their meaning, and when and how to apply them to your project. You'll learn how to organize your maps into a framework that allows for better continuity and planning. Finally, you'll see how your maps and diagrams can be used to drive out requirements for your project

Course Description

This modelling business data course provides you with a practical approach to viewing and modelling your data. Learn various techniques to shape your data in different ways, depending on your audience. You'll also learn the basics of the Unified Modeling Language (UML) and use it to create the models

Course Description

This strategic analysis course offers an in-depth perspective on how to establish your project based on the overall goals and objectives of the enterprise. As you gain an understanding of enterprise architecture and how your project fits, learn how to capture the business needs better, analyze capability gaps, and derive a solution. While identifying a potential solution, you'll learn about risks and how to recognize and manage them.

Upon successful completion of this enterprise training, you'll be able to present a solution that best satisfies your business needs and accounts for risks

Course Description

Managing change is an organizational imperative. Your organization will be challenged further by sharp economic swings, new competitive pressures, globalization of the marketplace, and continued reshaping of the business world.

As we head into a future in constant flux, we must develop the skills and mindset to embrace and triumph through change.

This course will enhance your awareness of the kind of change we're experiencing. It will help you develop the ability to be innovative and more creative, understand the cycle of change, overcome resistance to change, and survive as a change agent

Course Description

With so many methods of communication available to us today, it's difficult to know how to communicate to get your message across in the most effective manner.

This course will focus on honing your interpersonal communication skills so you'll be able to communicate in the workplace with power and purpose confidently


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