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Organisations would need to have a strong Learning & Development structure to support the continuous development of their employees. The establishment of Learning Strategy will determine the necessary development plan to be in place.

Development needs should be verified by Training Needs Analysis, and it would lead to a roll-out of a series of Training and Development Programs to develop the level of expertise of employees, both functionally and behaviorally. Training Programs Evaluation would then need to be in place to determine the effectiveness of the development plan. It is also imperative to build in a culture of Competency Awareness as part of development for all employees so that they are in line with the overall Organization’s aspirations and culture.

Organisational Training & Development Needs steps:

Step 1 – Assess Organisational Training & Development Needs

Step 2 – Define Your Training Objective

Step 3 –  Training Program Design

Step 4 – Adopt Training Principles for Adults

Step 5 – Training Program Development

Step 6 – Training Program Implementation

Step 7 – Evaluate Your Training Program

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