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The Petrocap is an international engineering consulting and training provider firm that helps its clients successfully execute technically demanding oil & gas industry and infrastructure projects. With a highly qualified employees at more than seven locations across many continents, This enables petrocap to interact with clients and project parties on site. At the same time, close cooperation within the network of the petrocap makes it possible to draw on international experts and make use of their special experience, processes, and tools.

In Talent we have hands on experience in IQMS (Integrated Quality Management System) especially for the oil and gas sector through supporting our clients in preparation of IQMS (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001) , Gap analysis also System management Maintenance for any unforeseen problems.

Petrocap staff are highly qualified have hands on experience in multinational firms with solid academic background reflects in our training program that tailored by academics and professionals in various industries.

This unique blend of Petrocap's professionals is our grantee pass for customer satisfactions to facilitate:

Engineering Consulting,

Technical Inspection, calibration, Testing Consulting,

Environmental, Health  Safety Consulting,

Management and Human resources consulting,

Learning and Development Consulting,

Technology Training & Training provider. 



“Be one of the leaders in the engineering consulting & training services business and provide global, flexible, speedy, low cost and innovative technology solutions and best in class quality services to the industry”


“Our Mission is to deliver engineering  consulting & training services which are defect free where our clients derive the best measurable value by cost avoidance, design optimization & construction savings. We will strive to implement the most innovative engineering concepts in practice. We would like to be a single source engineering provider bringing to our customers the knowledge base and technological edge at lower costs. We will remain dynamic in responding to our customer requirements and ensure their satisfaction at all times.”


To increase the value added to our services, through delivering a high quality, new innovative business ideas at reasonable pricing scheme.

To build a strong long term strategic partnership with our clients.

To have a flexible pricing policy to meet the client's different background (Corporate, Public or NCOs) with no compromising on the level of quality of service delivered.

To tailor the services delivered to satisfy the clients needs and wants , also scanning the business marketplace to discovering and creating new business opportunities.

Our clients:

    Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals, Refinery, Power Generation, Cement ,construction and Fertilizers Companies .

    The Government and private sector companies .

    Industrial and Commercial Companies .

    Non-profit organizations ( NGOs)

    Individuals .

Petrocap  is registered limited company  in England and wales under No. 11124952

 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London.




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