Hands-on Yard Marshal

Hands-on Yard Marshal Training

Hands-On Yard Marshal Training 

   Benefits of Hands-On Yard Marshal Training:

    - Permote Yard management knowledge

    - Developing a plan to increase profit and reduce costs

    - Leveraging system automation to reduce administration time

    - Custom strategies to improve business process

    - Staff coaching to improve performance and ROI

    - Evaluating operations and development of a custom tailored solution

    - Technology instruction and best practices

    - Technical competence for configuration and maintenance

    - Security best practices related to administration and permissions

    - Customer service best practices and support

    - Development of your own parking and security training collateral

 This Hands-On Yard Marshal training covers following industries:

 - Freight Forwarding and Customs Clearance

- Warehousing and Contract Logistics

- Goods Transportation and Distribution

- People Transportation.

- Economic Services Parking

- Equipment/Machine maintenance services Parking

 Outline of PROGRAM:

 Fleet Management: Your Roles and Responsibilities

This course provides a high level overview of a fleet manager’s role in vehicle acquisition, vehicle maintenance, risk management planning, asset disposal and more.

Upon completion of this course participants should understand what fleet management is and how it supports federal agencies, become familiar with the annual cycle for fleet planning, acquisitions, and disposals, be able to identify the five key components in the fleet management life cycle and the fleet manager's role in each stage, and know where to find additional resources and information for managing a fleet.

Course Prerequisites: None

Vehicle Acquisition

This course covers the regulations and processes for purchasing new vehicles. Upon completion of this course participants should know the regulations that apply to purchasing vehicles, understand how to properly plan their vehicle acquisitions, know how to purchase new vehicles or order leased vehicles from Fleet, and understand what to do when new vehicles are delivered.

Course Prerequisites:

Fleet Management: Your Roles and Responsibilities

Fleet Maintenance Management

This course covers the importance of proper vehicle maintenance and ways to manage vehicle maintenance.

Upon completion of this course, participants should understand why performing and tracking maintenance is important, know ways to help minimize maintenance and repair costs, and know where to find resources to help manage their fleet's maintenance program.

Course Prerequisites:

Fleet Management : Your Roles and Responsibilities and Vehicle Acquisition

Fleet Risk Management

this course covers the types of risks a fleet manager may encounter and ways to mitigate those risks. Upon completion of this course participants should be able to define fleet risk management, identify common risks and ways to manage them, understand the importance of Emergency Risk Management Plans, be familiar with risk management technology, and understand accident management procedures.

Course Prerequisites:

Fleet Management: Your Roles and Responsibilities, Vehicle Acquisition, and Fleet Maintenance Management

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