Hands–on Driving Training

Road traffic incidents can be expensive and have  effects on businesses and communities.

Petrocap Hands–on Road Safety training occurs behind the wheel, as drivers are challenged to put into practice what they've seen in the classroom. This is particularly important when employees will be driving trucks that aren't large enough to require a commercial driver's license but larger than the typical light truck or van. Delivery trucks require skilled use of mirrors and a well-developed depth perception for parking, backing, and driving in traffic. Training for drivers of this type of specialty vehicle should be done behind the wheel whenever possible.

During the training process we will focus not only on developing your skill levels required to pass a test but we will also encourage positive attitudes and behaviours that will contribute towards safe and enjoyable life-long driving.

Petrocap Hands–on Road Safety Training :

  • Driver Training Class & Behind-the-Wheel Training
  • Driver Training Class & Behind-the-Wheel Training with Road Test
  • Minibus Driver Training
  • Winter Driving Defensive Driving Course
  • Vans and Light Commercial Driver Training
  • Large Goods Vehicles Driver Training
  • PCV & Minibus Driver Training
  • Vehicle Familiarisation Driver Training Course
  • Driver Assessor Training Course
  • Skid Control Driver Training Course
  • Trailer Towing Driver Training Course

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